Friday, December 14, 2012

Fritada / Mixturiado

Today I am thinking of making one of my many favorite Ecuadorian dishes for dinner, Fritada, or as my husband calls it, Mixturiado. My husband and his family are from Ambato, Ecuador. I, unfortunately, haven't had the pleasure of visiting Ecuador, but will plan to do so one day. I don't have a fancy camera to take beautiful culinary photos of my finished product, but that's also something to work toward acquiring. If you are like me, and starting to become adventurous with trying new recipes, check out some of the great blogs I have noted on how to make this great dish!

For the Pork: (from TS Tasty Bits)
2.5 lbs pork shoulder cut in chunks
3-4 cups of water
8 garlic cloves, whole
1/2 yellow onion cut in chunks
3 tbsp salt
Accompaniments: (from Laylita)
Both TS Tasty Bits and Laylita have wonderful directions on how to make this wonderful dish!
Fritada Ecuatoriana, Fritada de Chancho

Tostado, cancha, chulpe corn snack